Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Let's just say I am not a huge fan of Purple. Last week when I was going through Ulta's clearance bins I came across ZOYA's Dannii, and it must have been the way it stood out from the pinks and greens, that called to me to start adding it to my stash. A week goes by....Yesterday I bought a black Ed Hardy Sweatshirt from Name brand exchange, and I am not feeling brave enough to try black nailpolish, thoughts of  purple crossed my mind....
My search brought me to Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance...which I would love to buy as a "I want this polish"....I went searching instead for Revlon's Facets of Fuschia...both are polishes I will save for later posts....Purple,purple, purple....I didn't think there was a purple polish in my stash....so I started pulling polishes out....and once again Danii caught my eye....and I am so glad it did, because it is my new favorite polish.

 It flashes pink and gold which is what attracts me SO to this polish! My first experience with ZOYA was not a good first impression...so I don't have many in my stash....but this time I gave it a second chance and I found Dannii, applied nicely and dried rather quick! Now I'm ready to check out more Zoya polish.

If you feel the need to add this to your stash, you can buy Zoya Dannii here.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentine's Day Part 1

My heart gets so excited for Valentine's Day...and the reason being the color red looks best on me only on Christmas and for Valentine's Day looks...I can wear pink, but with my skin tone, pink seems to get lost and you hardly notice my manis, so I NEED glitter...The other day, while I was shopping ULTA for their after Christmas Sales, I found OPI Sparrow me the Drama. It's a lovely pink creme, perfect for Valentine's Day.
This is with two coats. It is a really pretty "heart" pink, that just needed a little something "sparkly".
Here's an attempt at a macro shot of the "glitter". It's a rainbow of colors, orange, green, purple, blue, and yellow.

For the top layer I used Sally Hansen's Hard Extreme Wear nail color "Disco Ball". Which I picked up at Target for about $2.
You can purchase them here:

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